High performance cone crusher more need to troubleshoot and repair
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Now the development of mechanical equipment is very fast, the most commonly used in the production of mechanical equipment in the field of the cone crusher. Compared with other mechanical equipment both said cone crusher are generally in a relatively poor working environment operation, and was a long time before the operation, the inevitable device appear failures and problems, the adjustment ring loose is a conical grinding machine in the running process of the most common fault. In order to reduce the occurrence of this kind of problems, we must to find high-performance cone crusher adjusting ring loose reason. Only in this way can timely for failure were excluded, to do the work of the equipment maintenance in time to restore the normal operation of the.
Taper crushing machine operation, before you adjust ring loose so dirty reason is a lot of, by high-energy hydraulic cone crushing machine manufacturer introduction, there are several aspects. The first is the application in the thread of the supporting sleeve, a regulating sleeve wear too serious. Because the device in which, sleeve and a bolt support is fixed equipment, if it is found that the cone crusher operation of the pilot in time and its spare parts and material will have great vibration and wear, extremely easy to cause the loosening of the bolts. Must be checked in time, the replacement of bolts and support.
Another reason for the adjustment of the ring of the cone crusher is a high strength, high speed of the workload, so the operator should do a good job in the inspection of the equipment before the equipment is started. Specifically, adjusting ring of causes to loosening is oblique iron bond or adjusting cap in locked when not locked, the fault reason requires operator before the in high-performance cone crusher start to timely full range check, found on the loose in a timely manner to tighten, ensure the equipment running effectively. In the operation process of cone crusher failure is very common, for high-performance cone crusher adjusting ring loose the fault, all operators must do a good job of equipment repair and maintenance work, general reasons and equipment row ore mouth too small or too big, or is caused by rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall thickness is too large. For these common reasons, in a timely manner to check the high energy cone crusher, found that the fault should be cleared at any time.
Through the above introduction can see high-performance cone crushing machine adjustment ring loose the reason there are many, in order to avoid and reduce the occurrence of a variety of problems, enterprises should do the operation personnel specific operation specification for some don't understand taper crushing machine basic principle and the structure of employees can be a simple training, and requires the operator in the course of their work to carefully and strictly in accordance with the rules of the operation of production, only in this way can to some extent reduce the lamp fails and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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